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Using the customer support portal

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Every person who raises a support ticket with us receives a link where they can see their ticket process. You can access this portal in two ways:

  1. Create an account in our support portal and login
  2. Alternatively, you can also use single-sign-on through Google, Facebook or Twitter to login.

Creating an account in your support portal

A new user can create an account by clicking Sign up in the upper-right corner of the helpdesk:

The Signup form will collect your name and email address.

Registered users can click on Login in the upper-right corner of the customer portal. (New users can too, and then use the SSO options to login for the first time.)

Quick guide to checking tickets’ progress

At any point, you are able to login and check the status of your tickets you have raised by clicking on the Check ticket status link, as shown below:

A ticket can have various statuses. You can filter out tickets based on the ‘Status’ by using the drop down above the list of tickets:

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