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Damaged Item

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If your product is damaged here is how we will assist you:

  1. You will need to submit a support ticket here on our website
  2. We will evaluate your situation from the information you provide us and the photos of the damage.
  3. We will most likely send out a third-party, non-biased service technician to collect a report about the damage. Please note that this is a necessary step as we are bound by terms and conditions of the product providers. We must get a third-party report for every case.
  4. Once we receive the report we will be able to action a solution. If the damage is able to be repaired it will be. If a replacement is needed we will update you with the details of this. If there is another solution needed we will be in full contact with you about this option.
  5. Once the solution has been completed we will close your ticket and ask for your feedback.

If you have any issues and have followed this process please directly email

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