Product insurance Care Premium Warranty customers are responsible to read and understand the terms and conditions of their warranty and anything the retailer says that contradicts these terms and conditions does not override what is written. 

Product Insurance Care Warranty Terms and Condition

1) Our warranties against defects and remedies under these warranties are in addition to other

rights and remedies of the purchaser under the Australian Consumer Law. Should your product

be defective, you may choose to make a claim under the Australian Consumer Law or the

Product Insurance Care Warranty Against Defects.

Warranty Period

2) Unless otherwise specified in writing Product Insurance Care PTY LTD warrants that:

2.1. the frame used in each lounge is guaranteed against failure due to a manufacturing defect

for the five year period of extended warranty;

2.2. The electronic and motion components for all recliners and sofa beds (excluding batteries

and transformers) are guaranteed against failure due to a manufacturing defect for a period of four

years from 1 year anniversary of the date of purchase.

Batteries and transformers come with a 12 month warranty.

3) All components of your product other than 2.1 and 2.2 above (including leather, fabric,

lacquered and other timber finishes, chrome and metal, glass and marble, travertine and

macstone) are guaranteed against failure due to a manufacturing defect for a period of 4 years

from 1 year anniversary of the date of purchase.

3.1. To be entitled to claim under the Product insurance care warranty against defects, the defect

in the part or product must appear within the relevant time period set out in items 2.1, 2.2 and

2.3 above.

Limit of indemnity

We will pay for cleaning, repairs, and part or full replacement up to a maximum of the original purchase price of the article. Originally supplied arm caps or scatter cushions are covered only for stain removal and accidental damage only. If the arm cap or cushion cannot be cleaned or repaired, our limit of indemnity is restricted to the original cost of the arm cap or cushion. 

We can refuse to cover an item that has not been covered with a care package at the time of the original purchase, even if the invoice includes a PIC cover of another product. A new cover must be purchased for each and every product at the time of purchase for all products to be covered on a single invoice. If one item is only covered on an invoice, only one item can be included in a claim.

We reserve the right to deny and claims that have a reoccuring issue and can determine that its limit of indemnity can be reached for the parts individual cost after one replacement.

Quality of Solutions

By purchasing Product Insurance Care extended warranty, the purchaser understands that solutions to accidents, issues or faults will be made by the discretion of Product Insurance Care. The end result of repairs, replacements, part replacements or other solution will be:

  • be fit for all of their usual purposes,
  • look acceptable in appearance and finish. This acceptable quality test considers: the nature and age of the goods, the price paid for the goods, and safety for purpose of use,
  • it should be noted that “acceptable” is not implying that once the solution has been provided that the item will be perfect in appearance or to the same level of quality as a ‘brand new’ item. If the acceptability of a repair or solution is being contested by a consumer, Product Insurance Care will engage a third party furniture technician and will  be consulted to decide the end result,  
  • subject to giving a store credit of the amount of the section, part or equivilant value of whatever the customer is claiming as a solution, depending on stock levels, amount of damage, age, current wear and tear or discontinuation of the original purchase. All store credit will be subject to total amount use against the level of indemnity and a percentage of the age of the policy, wherein, a 5 year warranty that is 2.5 years old would be subject to 50% of the total cost paid on the original invoice for the piece that is being claimed minus how many claims have already been applied. 

Territorial Limits

Our cover is limited to all the states of Australia, if the furniture is purchase from a address and transported to an new address this may void the warranty.

What is covered

Upholstered, Fabric & Leather Furniture

Where you have purchased Product insurance care relevant to a product that is made of fabric, you are covered for 5 years for accidental. Where shown on your original invoice you are covered for the following sudden and accidental damages:

  • Food and beverage spills;
  • Human bodily fluids; 
  • Cosmetics,
  • Soaps;
  • Shampoo; 
  • Dye transfer from clothing or newspaper print; 
  • Peeling and flaking leather not from wear or tear or misuse;
  • Broken zips and buttons; 
  • Separation of stitching;
  • Rips, tears, burns, scuffs and punctures created by humans or incidents (please see paws and claws clause for exclusion on pets);
  • Acids, bleaches, caustic solutions and corrosive substance spills (please see exclusions for how these accidents cannot be covered);
  • Extreme loss to fabric cushions or exterior (please see general exclusions for what is not covered)

Upholstered, Fabric & Leather Furniture Threading/Stitching

The thread or stitching of the is covered under the extended warranty as long as when a thread is broken or comes undone, that it is not cut off. Once the excess thread it cut then it becomes unrepairable and may void the warranty as it does more damage to the sofa or lounge suite. Once the thread is cut, then it no longer falls under the extended warranty or accidental coverage. Please do not cut any loose threads and contact us immediately to resolve the issue. 

Cabinets, Tables and Bed Frames

Where you have purchased Product insurance care relevant to a product that is made of wood, metal or other materials, you are covered for 5 years for accidental. Where shown on your original invoice you are covered for the following sudden and accidental damages:

  • Defects to frame causing it to become warped or break
  • Peeling on solid wood, veneered or laminate furniture
  • Defects to mechanical, electric recliners and components; 
  • Bending and breakage of metal components
  • Broken handles and buttons
  • Water, liquid and heat marks from normal general household use (please see exclusions for what is not covered)

Exclusions (subject to the Australian Consumer Law)

4) To the maximum extent permitted by law, and subject to the Australian Consumer Law,

Product Insurance Care is not liable, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), under any

statute or otherwise, for or in respect of:

4.1. normal wear and tear (refer to the Caring for Your Furniture below). In this regard, please

note that the following may occur as a result of natural and normal usage:

(a) leathers and fabrics will fade and crease;

(b) foam and fillings will soften and form the shape of the user over time;

(c) depending on the covering and the degree of use, the covering materials, cushion fillings

and suspension may need to be replaced periodically at the purchaser’s expense;

(d) scars, marks and differing pore density and colour are natural characteristics of leather;

(e) the leather and fabric products are upholstered by hand and therefore, the size and weight;

of these products may have minor variations of up to 5% from the sample products or from any

product specifications you have been quoted;

(f) creaking couches past 1 year with wooden frames, this is considered wear and tear due to the humidity, extreme weather conditions of Australia, different loading of commercial and residential weight limitations and the use of furniture from individuals and families; 

(g) We will not cover costs arising from:

  • Any damage (strucural or otherwise), soiling or staining caused:
    • Prior to delivery
    • Items used for staging or commercial purposes
    • By contractors working in or on the premises where the furniture is being used
    • By the failure of plumbing, electrical or heating systems
    • By result of misuse or mishandling
    • Removal of general stains cause by a build up of perspiration or bodily fluids
    • By accumulation of multiple stains or an unidentifiable stain
    • By fire, smoke damage, smoke ash, flood, wind, lightning, the act of sunlight, oxidisation or any other natural disaster
    • Anything reasonably outside general terms of use 
    • By any other cause that is not specifically mentioned in ‘what is covered’
    • Weight outside of residential use as defined in appendix 1 
  • Removal of odours
  • Stains and damage that is consistent with wear and tear
  • Any stains or damage that has happened gradually over time, this is not considered accidental
  • Fabric failure
  • Use of the product outside of the manufacturers intent
  • Loss of resilience of foam outside of 30%, this is defined as the depression of the cushion not returning to the height within 30% of its original height or volume
  • Natural characteristics of the materials such as dents, marks, ageing 
  • Failed repairs by a technician not assigned by PIC
  • Fading from the sun
  • Opinion changes from the customer
  • Built up filth

4.2. damage caused by spills such as acid, solvents, dyes or other corrosive materials that cannot be classified as accidental.

4.3. damage caused by improper cleaning, negligence, treatment of the product with chemicals, exposing the product to the sun, extreme heat or bright light such as lamps, or otherwise caused by your acts and/or omissions.

4.4 Pets and Pest clause:

Damage caused by animals in anyway shape or form is not covered by this warranty. Animal damage does not constitute the general use guidelines and accidents cause by animals, rodents, insects, pests or wear from pets over time is not covered.

    4.5. Acts of God clause

    Damage caused by natural occurances in anyway shape or form is not covered by this warranty. This may included, flooding, storm, fire, or any related damaged caused by this type of events. 

    However, in all claims, whether it is covered or not, please put in a ticket and we can see if we can help regardless of coverage or not. More often than not we are willing to do what we can even though you are not eligible in the terms and conditions, this is not a guarantee.  

    The product insurance care warranty covers the furniture for accidental damage repair or replacement within the lifetime of the warranty period. Multiple repairs or replacements are are covered as long as the total price of services rendered is less than the limit of indemnity.

    How to claim a warranty against defects

    5) To claim under these warranties against defect , the Purchaser:

    5.1. must be the original purchaser. The warranty against defects is not transferable. It is limited to the original purchaser specified in the original Sales Order.

    5.2. The warranty against defects only applies to products that are used for normal domestic purposes and excludes products used for commercial purposes.

    5.3. must cease using the product immediately after the defect appears; and

    5.4. must notify The store of purchase or outside of the first year of ownership, product

    insurance care, within 7 calendar days after the defect appears;

    5.5. provide product insurance care a copy of the original Sales Order or tax invoice.

    Making a Claim

    6) To make a claim, you can lodge a service ticket on this website or telephone our service

    department of Product insurance care PTY LTD on 1300 813 308 and follow the prompts.

    6.1. Once a claim has been lodged with our service department, Product Insurance care will

    assess your claim, and respond within 5 business days.

    6.2. The Purchaser must bear the expense of making the claim, and the cost of all freight, house

    calls, labours and other items. These will be charged to the Purchaser at standard Product

    Insurance care rates.

    6.3. When making a claim it is up to the client to ensure that all information is correctly inputted into the system, if there is a wrong email this may cause you to be uncontactable and your ticket will not progress, we do not take responsibility when there is incorrect information and it is not in our policy to follow the client up with calls. This is primarily an email-based service.

    6.4. When making a claim it is important to understand that it may not be a quick process, many times we are waiting on 3rd parties to do their part in the whole process some of which are overseas which causes major delays. If you are unhappy with this time limitations you are more than welcome to go to your local States’ Fair Trading service. If you choose to do this it is our policy to terminate all offers and previous solutions via our correspondence and deal directly with the Fair Trading department.  

    Remedies for warranty against defects

    7) If a part or product is determined by Product insurance care to have a manufacturing

    defect, Product insurance care will, at the election of Product insurance care, choose whether to

    repair or replace that part or product.

    7.1. Under the Product insurance care warranty against defects, the purchaser has the right to

    repair, clean, replace or otherwise, of the defective part or product only.

    7.2. To the maximum extent permitted by law, unless expressly set out in these warranties

    against defect, and subject to any condition, warranty or right granted or implied under the

    Australian Consumer Law or any other law which cannot by law be excluded by agreement,

    Product insurance care has no liability to the purchaser under the warranty against defects

    (other than repair or replacement of the defective part or product), whether in contract, in tort

    (including negligence), under any statute or otherwise, for any loss or damage of any kind

    suffered by you or any other person in connection with the goods including, but not limited to,

    indirect and consequential loss.

    8) A separate Product Insurance Care cover MUST be purchased for each and every product (unless total coverage is purchase on the invoice)

    which contain one of these products;

    • Product insurance care extended lounge cover
    • Product insurance care extended bed cover
    • Product insurance care extended wood furniture cover
    • Product insurance care extended metal cover
    • Product insurance care extended fabric cover

    Duty of care

    This cover does not except the covered from the duty to maintain the furniture to a standard as directed by the manufacturer and keeping the furniture clean and out of direct sunlight.

    The following lays out the circumstances that are covered by your Product Insurance care warranty for the five year period.

    Accepting solutions

    Once a solution has been accepted for an issue, no further solutions can be applied. 

    By accepting an offer for a solution the customer agrees to settle any and all claims relating to the warranty claim.

    By accepting this (partial refund/store credit, free repair or replacement) the client agrees to accept the amount or replacement, as a full and final settlement of all claims that arise from the discussed warranty issue. 

    Solution incurrence

    Product Insurance Care covers the costs of technician work and any costs of the replacement spare parts needed for the technician to repair your policy item/s. If the item/s is to be replaced or a store credit is given Product Insurance Care will arrange for the new item/s to be transported to the warehouse for the client, it is the client’s responsibility to collect the new item. This is considered a new item/s and a brand new policy and delivery plan is needed for the item/s which can be organise within the original store of purchase or requested via email in your ticket.

    Appendix 1

    Weight capabilities and coverage in extended warranty

    There are no existing industry-standard methods for measuring the maximum weight-bearing capacity of most residential furniture products.  As you know, Ashley Furniture Industries (and Johnny’s Furniture group) only produces goods for residential use.  As the load that our products can bear is dependent on so many independent variables (static load, force, movement, placement of the weight, and design, to name a few) there is no accurate way for us to state the maximum weight-bearing capacity. There may be testing or ratings for commercial or industrial applications that might provide this information, but these are for products designed for commercial and institutional use which is outside the scope of our product line and warranty.

    Product insurance care has turned to the medical literature and commercial furniture AS/NZ standard of ignitability to ensure the safety of the products for users weighing over 120 kgs (keep in mind this is for commercial standards NOT residential which is the topic of discussion) [1], to create a standard method of maximum weight that is realistic for the product’s inherit ability in ‘residential use’. As you will be aware, in our terms and conditions we do not cover normal wear and tear OR use outside of the general usage guide. Based on the current information provided in the Biomedical central journal [2] the current ‘residential’ weight upper limits are 100kg. If items or persons are using the furniture above that weight range this falls outside the general guidelines of use. Even though Ashley furniture and Johnny’s furniture group do not design furniture especially for the plus size community, we will always strive to provide an appeasement to unhappy customers. 

    1. Australia, S., 2021. AS/NZS 3813:2016 – Standards Australia. [online] Standards Australia. Available at: <–3813-colon-2016> [Accessed 14 October 2021]. 
    2. Stubbs, R.J., Morris, L., Pallister, C. et al. Weight outcomes audit in 1.3 million adults during their first 3 months’ attendance in a commercial weight management programme. BMC Public Health 15, 882 (2015).

    Product Insurance Care reserves the right to change any offer given and seek for additional professional and technical advice on all warranty claims. Offers made have are not final and indefinite and can be changed any time according to changing information and circumstances. 

    Product Insurance Care reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on this website immediately. Please check the latest information posted herein to inform yourself of any changes.